Magical Flames create wildly exciting colors in your wood burning fires. Simply toss a packet or two into the campfire, bonfire or fire pit and watch the flames turn from basic yellow and orange to deep and vibrant hues of green, blue and purple! Be the life of the party with Magical Flames!

Throw 1 to 3 unopened pouches into a wood burning fire and watch as the flames magically change colors. Then just sit back and enjoy the beautiful colors for up to 120 minutes! Magical Flames can be used in both indoor and outdoor wood burning fires.

"This is a great product. Works just as advertised! Five stars"
– Ralph, NY

"We bought a packet of the Magical Flames while camping, but had to buy more because they were so much fun! Fun addition to our camping experience, make sure to buy more than one packet."
–Joan, AZ

"These are AWESOME for summer nights gathered around the fire pit in the backyard. Our kids are mesmerized by all the colors. Great product!"
– Sharon, NJ

"These are awesome, and way more "magical" than I expected! Awesome effect when it's a surprise to everyone at the fire. One packet works well, but I recommend at least 2 for the full magic-factor!"
– Elizabeth, MI

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