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free shipping Today On order over $40

Inside or Outdoors

Magical Flames are safe to use anywhere you have a wood-burning fire, whether it be in your home or anywhere else!

toss and watch

It has never been easier to have family fun! From camping trips to backyard fires, just toss a packet in, and enjoy.

Spice up any night

Sit back and enjoy your own show of colorful dancing flames!

100% safe and non-toxic

Summer nights are supposed to be fun!

create a vivd light-show with any wood burning fire that will electrify the evening and entertain your family


These are great! They lasted about 45 minutes and my kids were absolutely loving the colors.

Janet R.

Take them on every hunting trip I go on, my son and I get a good kick out of the cool fire!

Al Wilkenson

Nothing like a cool party trick, been throwing these in my fires for a while now. Love it!

Christine Woeller

ignite your fire

Safe. Easy. Beautiful.

Use Magical Flames to add a dramatic color change to any fire.

Why have a regular fire when you can have a Magical one?