Campfires: 5 Styles to Use with Magical Flames

Campfires: 5 Styles to Use with Magical Flames

Campfires: 5 Styles to Use with Magical Flames

It’s chilly out, and you know what that means. Bon fires are the perfect way to keep gatherings outside and still stay warm. We have 5 different styles of fires for you to try. Whether you are looking to use your fire for cooking, or just for warmth and fun, we’ve got you covered. Don’t forget your Magical Flames packs! 


Teepee Fire

A teepee campfire is a classic move. It’s easy and fast. You can use any kind of wood and prop them up into a tent formation. Since there isn’t a lot of surface area, this fire style is not good for cooking, but it’s great for adding Magical Flames packs. It burns fast, so you will have to tend to it and add more wood as you are enjoying the warmth.


Log Cabin Fire

The log cabin fire style is excellent if you are planning to roast marshmallows. You make this style by adding larger logs around the teepee style fire. It doesn’t burn quite as hot as other styles and will burn for a long time. This fire style is great if you don’t want to mess with tending to the fire at all, since it will burn on its own for so long. After you make your ‘smores, throw in a Magical Flames pack to enjoy the colors!


The Platform

Another fire style great for cooking an actual meal is the platform. To make this fire, you will start just like you would the log cabin. The trick is you must light this fire style from the top. As the wood burns, it creates ash and coal that will make a platform for you to cook on, such as with a pan. When all is said and done with cooking, throw in some Magical Flames packs to enjoy the rest of your fire.


The Star

If you’ve seen a movie with cowboys sitting around a campfire, it was probably in the star style. To create this fire, you will start with the teepee in the center. Then, create a star shape with 3 or 5 points around the outside. As the fire continues to burn, push the outer star point logs into the teepee to keep your fire burning. This fire style will burn all night long and provide you with ample light and adding Magical Flames will create a great ambiance.


The Lean-to

Finally, we have the lean-to style. This style is great if you’re experiencing bad weather. To make this fire, you start with a big log on top that will protect your flames from the outer elements. Build a small teepee underneath the larger log and add larger logs as the flame builds. Once the fire gets to the point that the larger log you have put on top falls in, it will be strong enough to withstand the elements and you can add some Magical Flames. They will look good in the rain!


To sum it up, these fire styles are sure to be a hit with your camping group. Head to our page to grab some Magical Flames packs to really get things going. Adding some color to your campfire is sure to make it a memorable experience.

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