How to Build the Perfect Bonfire in Less Than 1 Minute

How to Build the Perfect Bonfire in Less Than 1 Minute

If you’re building a bon fire, the first image that comes to mind is a bunch of sticks in a tent shape. While this seems like the standard, it isn’t the best way to build one. A better structure alternative is a box fire. A box fire is also a quicker method.When you’re building a fire, you don’t want it to take too long. Trying to get a tent shape to stay up while you get a fire going can be frustrating. A box fire is a sure way to build a fire in less than one minute and get to roasting those marshmallows for ‘smores.While you’re at it, with all that saved time you can grab your Magical Flames packets to create a colorful fire that’s fun for everyone!

What You’ll Need

Before you get to building the fire, you’ll need supplies. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Newspaper
    • Paper will help to get the fire started.
  • Flat Wood
    • Something like flat wooden shingles will do.
  • Small sticks and twigs
    • Kindling is important to get any fire going.
  • Four larger wood logs
    • The larger wood will be used for the box fire structure.
  • Stick Lighter
    • You’ll want a longer lighter to be able to light the fire safely
  • Magic Flames Packets
    • The best for last, you’ll want to have these handy once you get your fire going!
  • Fire Pit
    • If this isn’t available, a clear spot on the ground where the fire won’t be able to spread will do.

Building the Fire

  • Fire pit
    • If you are using a fire pit, make sure there’s a grate on the bottom to promote oxygen flow.
  • Start with the newspaper. Crumple it up and layer it on top of the grate.
    • The newspaper is what you’re going to light to start off your bon fire.
  • Stack the wooden shingles together on top crating a flat surface
    • This platform will give you a surface for your kindling and larger logs to keep the fire going.
  • Stack your twigs and kindling on top of the platform you’ve made, smallest on bottom then largest on top.
  • Light the newspaper on the bottom with your long stick lighter.
  • There you have it, a bon fire in less than a minute!

Magic Flames

After you have your lovely bon fire going, and you’ve made your ‘Smores, it’s time to bust out the Magical Flames! Throw a packet in and watch your bon fire turn all sorts of delightful colors. We do not recommend using them while you are cooking, so once you’re ready to kick back and relax, throw in your Magical Flames packet.The flames will last about an hour, so if you’re going to be hanging out with your fire for a while, make sure to bring a few Magical Flames packets. The colors will keep you entertained as you digest your bon fire snacks. Since you made your bon fire in less than a minute, that leaves so much more time to enjoy the Magical Flames!