Our Motto
We believe in the concept of FUN. Fun does not stop when you toss a few unopened packets of Magical Flames into the wood burning bonfire. Wait a few moments to see the vibrant colors start taking over the classic orange flames turning into an array of blue, purple and  green hues. Magical Flames is the best novelty product on the market today and you'll be amazed by the vibrant colors produced. 
For brighter long-lasting results throw a few extra packets onto the fire.  


The creators of Magical Flames is Evergreen products. 

Evergreen is a trusted products company located in Carlsbad, California that has been successfully developing quality products for over 15 years.

The talented and innovative team behind Evergreen takes a product from concept through design and development to deliver superior products to market. As one of the fastest growing consumer products companies in North County San Diego, Evergreen can be relied upon to offer solutions to many of today's problems.

Evergreen specializes in general merchandise products that are sold both domestically and internationally. Evergreen has branded itself as a leader in innovative pest control, with an emphasis on non-toxic, DEET-Free, effective products. In addition, our product line includes extensive lines of everyday household products as well as health and beauty products. We continue to supplement our existing product portfolio with creative new products that solve everyday needs and generate consumer demand.

Evergreen has strong partnerships with virtually every major chain drug, mass merchandiser, supermarket, and wholesaler in North America. Departments of Transportation, Safety Supply Distributors, Forestry Departments, Major Chain Retailers, Grocery, Convenience, Drug Stores, Beauty Supply Stores, Salons, Health-food Stores, and other niche market retailers continue to enjoy success year after year with our products.


**Magical Flames wants to keep you safe by keeping you away from the additives in the packet so DO NOT open the packets before putting them into the fire and DO NOT cook over colored flames.**